Deep Vibro Techniques

Deep vibro techniques present flexible solutions for soil improvement. They are mainly used under foundations of structures that are to be constructed on soils of low bearing capacity. Keller developed the depth vibrator (patented in 1934), which was originally used to compact granular soils such as sand and gravel. Today Keller improves a variety of granular and cohesive soils employing a wide range of depth vibrator models and techniques.

Vibro Compaction

Vibro Compaction is a technique that compacts granular soils and rearranges the soil particles into a denser state. Vibro compaction is often used for land reclamation projects or natural sandy deposits. Natural or man made deposits of sand and gravel are frequently not dense enough or are too inhomogeneous to allow a proposed structure to be safely and reliably founded. With Keller’s depth vibrators the soil density can be increased and homogenized independently from the groundwater table.

Vibro Replacement

Vibro Replacement stone columns are aggregate columns constructed using a depth vibrator to densify the aggregate backfill and surrounding granular soil to increase bearing capacity, reduce settlement, mitigate liquefaction potential, and improve shear strength.

Vibro Concrete Columns

Vibro Concrete Columns are concrete inclusions constructed with a depth vibrator and attached tremie pipe to reinforce soil and densify adjacent granular soils when present.