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Site Investigation

It is our strength to carry out large soil investigation programmes for infrastructure projects, industrial plants, dams as well as offshore projects like harbours and windmill farms.


  • Cone Penetration Tests
  • Core drillings in soil and rock
  • Dynamic probing
  • Offshore core drillings and CPT
  • Borehole tests
  • Vane tests


  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Onshore · Offshore
  • Installation of instrumentation
  • Geotechnical · Geophysical
  • Surveying instruments
  • Development and manufacturing of customised solutions

Site investigation offshore
Keller Site Investigation
Glückstadt, Germany

Special vehicle for cone penetration tests
Keller Site Investigation
Bremen, Germany

Site investigation offshore
Keller Site Investigation
Container Bore Island ODIN, Germany

Acknowledged industry experts in ground behaviour.
Our engineers and project managers worldwide share knowledge internally through company forums and networks and regularly collaborate to find the best solutions. Externally, they work closely with architects, engineers, construction managers and contractors from project conception to conclusion.

Keller techniques
Here some important Keller
process descriptions (PDF)

Geotechnical Solutions

Deep Vibro Techniques

The Compaction Grouting Process

The Soilfrac-Process

The Soilcrete-Jet Grouting Process

Deep Soil Mixing (DSM)

INSER – Rigid Inclusions

Wind Turbine Foundation


Keller-Publications on DVD
The DVD containing a choice of Keller process descriptions, site reports and technical publications in different languages.
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