micro to MACRO Mathematical Modelling in Soil Mechanics

05/29/2018–06/01/2018 Reggio Calabria, Italy

The new proposed Symposium will be an occasion to enhance the scientific debate about the construction of mathematical models for the description of the physical behaviour of soils, as well as about the suggestions obtained from the micro-mechanical observation of the matter.


The attention will be focused on the comparison between the appropriateness of models and the needs of mathe- matics to get rigorous results. Skills from applied mathematical physics, geotechnical engineering and mechanics are then involved. It is well known that granular matter displays, in fact, subtle complexity. Phenomena like strain localization, liquefaction of solids, cyclic mobility, effects of diagenesis, weathering, compaction and segregation may imply sophisticated models and sometime ren- der questionable traditional approaches. Moreover, these models suggest non-trivial mathematical problems that are interesting per se. Engineering requests of applicability need also to be satisfied for civil and geotechnical purposes. All these issues may be open to discussion during the Symposium, though the emphasis will be on modelling: higher order continua, incrementally nonlinear laws and micro-mechanical considerations must be taken into account.


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