Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)

Our EMEA Division is made up of businesses of varying sizes operating in different continents of the world, often in challenging environments. It is therefore essential that, as we continue to grow and move into new regions, we can be sure that our approach to safety is equally rigorous, no matter whereabouts in the world we are working, or on which projects.

The construction industry in which all our businesses operate poses significant safety challenges but we will not accept that people will inevitably be injured whilst working for us or with us. Our ultimate goal is to have zero injuries through the effective management of safety in all our operations.

Our Safety Principles

Underpinning this goal Keller has three fundamental Safety Principles:

  • All accidents are preventable
    We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. We are all responsible for preventing and correcting unsafe behavior or work conditions.
  • No repeat Occurrences
    Reportable accidents and high potential near misses are investigated to determine what happened and why. All necessary steps are taken to prevent recurrence.
  • Minimum Safety Standards
    We have adopted a common set of minimum standards throughout the Group. Management at all levels has assumed responsibility for implementing and maintaining the standards.

These Safety Principles define our safety culture, behavior and performance standards and, in so doing, assist us in our progress towards eliminating injuries at the workplace.

Our Safety Policy

Our managers and supervisors are accountable for the safety of our employees and they provide effective leadership in all matters related to safety.

The Management Team of every business or operation is responsible for following the Safety Principles and implementing and maintaining the Minimum Safety Standards.

All employees are responsible for good safety behavior and it is only by working together and recognizing that we all have a part to play in safety that we will really make a difference.

This Safety Framework will help us to bring the safety performance of all our businesses up to the standard of the best and, through continuous improvement, enable us to progress towards our ultimate safety goal of zero injuries.


Our HSEQ Team – Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
Jürgen Keil, HSEQ Director Keller EMEA Division
Jürgen Keil, HSEQ Director Keller EMEA Division
Jürgen Keil
HSEQ Director
Keller EMEA Division


Miguel Guijarro, H&S Manager, Iberia and Latin America
Miguel Guijarro, Iberia and Latin America

Miguel Guijarro
HSEQ Manager
Iberia and Latin America

Pedro Mello

Pedro Mello
HSEQ Manager

Kamaraj Pillai
HSEQ Manager
Middle East

Jacques Erasmus
HSEQ Manager
Franki Africa



Simon Jones
HSEQ Manager
North West Europe

Dr.-Ing. Detlef Rensner
HSEQ Manager
Central Europe

Andreas Kolenc
HSEQ Manager
South East Europe

Amélie Bernard
HSEQ Manager
French-Speaking Countries

Michał Nowakowski
HSEQ Manager
North East Europe