Micropiles are small-diameter, low- to high capacity structural elements that can provide compressive, tensile, or shear support as foundation or slope stabilization components. Micropiles can be installed in almost any type of ground, and in restricted access or low headroom situations.

Ductile driven piles

There is a broad scope of application for ductile driven piles in ground engineering. They are used for the foundations of factories, bridge abutments and in slope stabilization.
Driving of the ductile pile while simultaneously grouting the concrete mortar or cement suspension into the annulus between tube and grout shoe (this gives an increase in load capacity and corrosion protection). Driving of additional tubes until the required depth is reached.

Installation Sequence
Installation Sequence

Benefits of the technique
By using high quality tube material and lightweight rigs the ductile driven pile can be installed with diameters between 118 and 170 mm. The system is efficient, economic and safe and adaptable to changing ground conditions. Loads up to 2,000 kN can be carried in the right ground conditions.