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3rd Island & Marine Development Middle East


Aligned with its tourism and real estate vision plans to diversify the economy and capture lucrative tourism, leisure and entertainment segments, the Middle East is investing multi-billion dollars in its island and waterfront developments.

Besides tourism, land reclamation is also happening for expansion, maritime ports and oil and gas. The creation of Island development is not without its challenges. From construction to commercialism there are a number of factors to consider making sure your development stands out from the crowd.

Keller presentation:

Title: Sustainable ground improvement solutions for islands and land reclamation with low carbon footprint.

Which solutions are available to support sustainable ground improvement ?

As more land reclamation projects are being planned it also creates the demand to co-create value for ‘’greener’’ geotechnical solutions with a lower carbon footprint. Simultaneously, the cost-efficiency, design optimization and time are still at the core of executing these solutions effectively.  

In this session, we will highlight:

  • Ground improvement solutions for deep treatment and shallow treatment
  • Comparative analysis of carbon footprint of various ground improvement solutions and piling
  • Recommendations for assessment of liquefaction potential of improved ground  

Monday Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Das Thema des 11. RuhrGeoTages 2020 lautet:
Geotechnik und Wasser - Planung, Berechnung und Ausführung

Thursday Universität Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Deutschland


Bohrtechniktage ABC-Rostrup

Aus den Deutschen Brunnenbauertagen, dem BAW Baugrundveranstaltungen, Spezialtiefbau und der HDD-Technik im Bau-ABC Rostrup wurde die Gemeinschaftsveranstaltung: "Bohrtechniktage".

Alle 3 Jahre immer in Bad Zwischenahn mit 3 Vortragsräumen und praktischen Demonstrationen sowie über 5.000m² kostenloser Fachausstellung.

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Wednesday Bad Zwischenahn, Deutschland


14th Baltic Sea Geotechnical Conference 2020 + 18th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting

Conference themes for Baltic Sea:

  • Novel energy solutions in foundation engineering 
  • Digital applications in geotechnics
  • Geotechnical art and historical experiences
  • Soil and rock investigation
  • Design experiences and theoretical solutions
  • Geoenvironmental engineering vs. Environmental geotechnics
  • Case studies
  • Modelling
  • Design guidelines?
  • Foundation engineering and deep foundations
  • Ports
  • Transport infrastructure​​

Conference themes for Nordic Meeting:

  • Climate change and arctic issues
  • Statistical methods and reliability based design
  • Ground Improvement methods
  • Eurocode and standardization
  • Slope stability and other geohazards
  • Soil and rock investigations (incl. Geophysical methods)
  • Monitoring and digital solutions (big data and data mining)
  • Modelling
  • Case histories
  • Foundations and deep excavations
  • Transport infrastructure

Monday Clarion Hotel in Helsinki, Finland (Tyynenmerenkatu 2, 00220 Helsinki)